Our story. Our team. Our passion. 

Porch Magazine celebrates the art of film photography allowing photographers to document local artisans, love stories and Southeast creatives in a real, authentic setting. Every photo contains real emotion by real people in the real world. We’re dedicated to pushing ourselves and the Southeast area to be the best it can be.  At Porch, our intent is to showcase, celebrate, praise and appreciate all that the Southeast has to offer. 




Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from Auburn University, Justin pursued both photography and hand-drawn illustration right out of college.  During a pivotal moment in his digital photography career, Justin became smitten with film photography. Everything from the grainy texture seen in the images to the patience required for the process led him to fall in love with the art of photography once more.  He helped spearhead the reintroduction of film photography in the Savannah area with the aim of providing sun-drenched, organic imagery that will remain classic for years to come. Striving to lead the low-country area towards natural light and timeless beauty, Justin began the journey of building an online resource that celebrates the art of film and showcasing local talent and artistry.  You can easily find Justin sitting on his back porch rocking chair with a rye old-fashioned and his American bulldog at his feet. 



With a passion for food, literature and home decor, Amanda found herself in a creative limbo of where she fit into the creative world. Assisting her husband on wedding days was wonderful, but she felt something still missing creatively. As co-founder of Porch Magazineshe is now able to share her passions with the world. As a steady contributor, you'll find many of her yummy recipes and DIY home tutorials on the journal. You can easily find Amanda out back in her garden, Americana music playing, with a sweet tea not too far out of reach. 



Starting a new business is always scary. And starting a magazine during a time when print is considered dead? Yeah.
Even scarier. But when passion meets heartache, a lot of things can happen.

I (Justin here!) have a degree in Graphic Design and magazine, layout and typography have always been loves of mine. The magazine course I took at Auburn University was easily my favorite, and I could never shake my obsession with it. Pair that with the love of paper (the texture, the quality, the smell!), I knew that at some point I'd somehow own my own magazine. 

Last year was easily the worst year of our lives, in regards to facing the world as a married couple. In January of 2016, we discovered that it would be extremely difficult (if not completely impossible) for us to ever have children. With dreams of having a large, bustling family.....it was a hard pill to swallow. We had recently purchased a five-bedroom house in an amazing neighborhood with great schools, all with the intent of filling the home with sticky little fingers, scattered legos and many, many playful pillow fights. We had carefully set ourselves up for a successful marriage, family and life. But as we all know, life tends to throw you a curve ball... when you least expect it. 

We spent most of 2016 grieving, coping and searching for answers of how we ended up here. How had all the pieces fallen into place, only to have the final piece snatched from our fingertips? Finding ourselves in the middle of discussions of pricey fertility treatments and adoption horror stories, we found ourselves exhausted, lost and empty. Without going into the specific reasons of when and why... we found peace in our situation. Not perfect peace but the shadow of peace. It was better than nothing. This was just a page in our story, and we were ready for something new. Something better. Something exciting. Something to pour our passion, love, hate, stress, excitement and devotion into. In this, we found Porch. 

Porches are a staple of the Southern community. They are a place of rest. A place of calm. Where you sit down with a glass of tea and forget about the world. Everything disappears. Expectations drift away. And all you feel is the breeze on your skin and the warmth of the sun on your face. In a time of need, we desperately needed to feel the sun on our face. 

So here we are. Husband and wife. Hand in hand. Ready to share our stories and your stories of the things that we are passionate about - the beautiful Southern part of this country and all of the amazing things that happen within it. We sincerely hope you take this journey with us. We can't tell you what's going to happen or how we're going to get there. But we promise it will be an exciting ride with a breeze on your skin and plenty of sunshine on your face.


Justin & Amanda