Thankful | End of the Year

We launched Porch on October 1st and every day has been a blessing. We never imagined receiving so much support, so many kind e-mails and so many beautiful submissions in such a short amount of time. We are wrapping the year up with hearts so full of gratitude. 

We are excited to say that this journey so far has been incredible and we can't wait to see what 2018 brings. We have already secured all of our features for our debut issue (AH!). Every day has been a learning lesson for us. We are constantly telling friends and family that we want to take this slow and steady. What do we like? What do we not like? What's going well? What steps should we take? Answering all of these questions has been terrifying, exciting, rewarding and such a learning experience. 

We are officially "off" for the holidays as we rest our minds and prepare for some travel back home to Alabama to spend time with our families. Amanda's dad, David, was diagnosed with cancer this Fall. While he is doing so great and doctors are optimistic, life throws you curve balls that make you truly open your eyes, reevaluate decision making and change your life forever. You're not guaranteed anything in this life. It's up to you to make every moment count and live a life without regrets. And over the next few weeks, that's exactly what we plan to do.


Justin + Amanda