TRAVEL | Our Time In Dallas & Waco

Today's travel post comes from us (Justin + Amanda)! When we were presented with the chance to fly to Texas, photograph the White Sparrow Barn and work with the oh-so-talented florist Bows & Arrows......we jumped on it! 

We admit it. We're suckers for country music, manners and Southern charm. Thus, a trip to Dallas has been on our bucket list for a while now. A great friend of ours Lindsay asked if we (along with Tristan of Tristan Needham Design) were interested in flying to Dallas, shooting an editorial together and end with exploring Waco, Texas. As you can guess, we didn't hesitate to answer with a giant YES! 

Here's a peek at our fun adventures in Dallas + Waco! 

Photography: The Happy Bloom | Film Lab: Indie Film Lab