HOME | Making Our House A Home - The Schaefer Family

As recent homebuilders, we know the importance (and the task!) of truly making a house a home. Visions of modern clean walls quickly turn into crazy shelving and homey accent pieces from your favorite vintage shop. The idea of a spotless kitchen turns into an herb oasis with plants completely lining your window seal. Turning a house into a home is a soul searching, beautiful experience that we truly hope everyone gets to experience at some point in their lives.

So when photographer Divya Pande e-mailed us this family session, we truly were struck with awe. The Schaefer family chose their "in-progress" home as the backdrop for their yearly family photos. What better backdrop than the actual creation of the family's future home. 

From photographer, Divya: I adore this lifestyle session for so many reasons - the beautiful, raw space; the gorgeous light pouring in; and, most importantly, the genuine, authentic connection between the family members.

From mom, Jacki: "This year, our family is going through many big changes! We are welcoming our second child, a new baby girl, while also looking forward to the completion of our new home. The house project is incredibly dear to us, because we’ve spent over 5 years trying to find and retain the right design team, market conditions, and opportunities to make it come together. It’s amazing to be growing both a new member of our family as well as a new place to create memories. As we walk through the house in its current incomplete state, I can begin to imagine holidays in our living room, summers by the pool, and rainy mornings on our front porch. I knew Divya could capture our excitement and hope during our session. I kept our color palette fairly neutral to allow us to share focus with the beautiful architecture of our new space."

Photography: Divya Pande | Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab | Sylist + Client: Water Oak Studio