LOVE | Miles and James

Miles and James showed up to their engagement session with so much joy and excitement about their relationship and wedding day. It's always a pleasure to photograph couples that are more excited about their relationship and future than their wedding day. They brought along their sweet pup Korver to get some full family photos in. We split our session time between Empire Mills in Madison, GA (where Miles and James will be getting married) and Serenata Farm in Madison, GA. - Photographer, Amanda Olivia

What they love about each other: 

Her version: James is the most selfless person I know, and will always put me before himself. I also love his motivation to do anything he sets his mind to, his goofy personality & the fact that I can always be myself when I'm around him. He is truly my best friend.

His version: I love how she treats everyone she meets with respect & kindness, especially those she has nothing to gain by being kind to. I really respect her work ethic and love her genuine & humble personality.


The proposal:

To say Jameson is obsessed with golfing is an understatement. Back in February, he mentioned he was able to book a tee time out at Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee, which is usually a private course for members only. Needless to say, he was thrilled about it and mentioned we should plan to head down to Madison early that weekend and take a half day off work the day before. I ride along in the cart every now and then, but figured it would be fun to tag along this round considering the circumstances. 

Fast track to the proposal weekend....

I had been asking him for months if he would get a pedicure with me --- obviously as a joke, but I really thought he would enjoy it! So, he actually agreed to it (even though this was all apart of his plan) & this was the first thing we did Friday after lunch once we both got off work for the day. 

On the way to the course, which was on Saturday, March 11th, we got caught in construction on 411 from Madison to Greensboro. And I don't mean just a 5 minute delay -- we were probably stuck in the exact same spot for 30-45 minutes and Jameson was not happy about it. Looking back now, I realized why he was so angry, but at the time, I didn't really think it was a big deal. He didn't want to be LATE!

We finally arrived on time and started the round. We played through 9 holes and on the turn, hole # 11 there is a beautiful overlook of the lake. Sometimes when I ride along with James, I will go up to the green and make celebrity putts. But for this one, I stayed in the cart and was impatiently waiting for Jameson to finish the hole.

He kept calling my name to come out to the green, so I eventually walked down there.  Once I got to where I thought I would be putting, he immediately took my hands and dropped to one knee. When he pulled out the ring I was so in shock. All I remember was him picking me up and me ugly crying -- he definitely caught me off guard. That part was kind of a blur, but the pictures definitely tell the story better. He actually had ordered golf balls, specifically for that day that read 'Will you Marry Me?". The plan was for me to putt the ball into the hole, and once I picked it up I would read the message. He was so nervous that he completely forgot that entire part though. :)

There were photographers coming out from bushes and someone stopped by in a golf cart to hand us champagne. I even heard people cheering from across the lake, at one of the course's restaurants out on the water. Apparently, everyone there knew it was happening, so they were waiting for us to drive up to the hole.

Afterwards, we headed to our friend's lake house that we visit often during the summer. Jameson told me that our friends & his parents had a gift for us, and that we needed to wait until we got there to call anyone to tell them the big news. James is surprisingly good at keeping surprises and I was also very oblivious of what was going on. When we pulled up in the drive way -- my entire family & best friends where at the end of their drive way walking up to greet us! 

That's where I really lost it. I immediately started bawling and that's when it really hit me.  Our friends traveled from Augusta, Charleston, Atlanta, Macon...all over to come and celebrate with us, which meant the world to me. From there on - we spent the rest of the day/night celebrating with our closest friends & family. It was simply the best day ever!

 Their sweet pup, Korver:

Korver is our 2 year old German shepherd pup. We got him in December of 2015, and we may or may not be obsessed.  He thinks he's a human -- but probably because we treat him like one. We love his big personality, stubbornness, and big ears. He actually responds more to his nickname, "monkey", which we probably call him more than his real name. We eventually want to get him another GSD play mate once we have a yard!  

Photography: Amanda Olivia | Film Processing: Indie Film Lab | Venues: Empire Mills & Serenata Farm