COMMUNITY | Smith Brothers Butcher Shop

The world of food has changed vastly over the last decade. While we have more fast food shops than ever, there is a forward movement that harkens back to earlier days. Our senses are overloaded with big chain stores, processed food, and little human interaction. The pendulum was bound to swing back towards a time where slowing down really matters. 

Smith Brothers, a family-owned butcher shop and grocery, is nestled on a booming street in historic Savannah, Georgia. The store is a one-stop shop for your dinner needs. You can easily grab fresh steaks, local wine, and Georgia greens for the perfect salad. Owned by Robert and Brenda Anderson, this family-owned operation has been a staple of the community since 1924. 

"Robert's Dad had been in the grocery business for most of his life.  Robert worked for him and at the age of 13; he would go after school and learn how to cut meat in his Dad's store, which was small at the time but had a cutting room that serves as their personal class space.  He grew his business to several stores, and Robert continued to work with him until his retirement. Robert then took over the family business." - Brenda Anderson

Every good love story has a beginning. Robert + Brenda are high school sweethearts, and their journey has been one filled with love, laughter and of course, a butcher shop. 

"We met in high school.  Yes, high school sweethearts. Such a cliche, I know! Robert worked for his Dad in the store when he wasn't charming teachers and coaches.  He worked through school, college and then after college went to work full time for his Dad.  I always loved his dedication to whatever task was put before him. There is a confidence about him that makes everyone comfortable.  Robert is fearless!  He has a passion for the food business, and that has never faltered. If you come in the store and have any question about the cut of meat, how to prepare, etc., Robert is your man.  In our house, he grills almost every night and has mastered his skills.  You would think after 12 hours around the butcher shop he wouldn't want to grill, but all I can say is he must love it!  Robert also has a passion for customer service.  I watch him often in the shop, and he never tires of helping every person who comes in; he truly loves people. " - Brenda Anderson

While Robert may be the main man with the knife, Brenda has an interesting story of how she found her passion for food.

"I have a love for cooking and learn as much as I can in that arena.  I had the crazy experience of working behind the scenes on a Food Network cooking show, and I learned so much!  Then I had the true pleasure of working on a food/lifestyle blog, Salted and Styled (headed by my dear friend, Libbie Summers). The two of us also had a podcast, Simmer Down, which we hope to resurrect in 2018!  I love developing recipes for the Smith Brothers website, and I'm currently working on a line of seasonings for the shop." - Brenda Anderson

What we love most about Smith Brothers is their pursuit to get back to their roots. The world has become so fast-paced that people are craving something different. Something more personal. Something human. And Smith Brothers offers that. 

"When we decided to get out of the supermarket business and take Smith Brothers back to its roots (a butcher shop) we really wanted to be a gathering place for those who crave something more.  A craving for real service, quality meats and wines, a place to sit and talk about food.  We wanted to reintroduce an easy way to have family meals that are simple yet still delicious!  After three years we feel we are hitting the mark.  There are plenty of places to buy food for your table.  Smith Brothers is more than that.  We want to make your experience in your kitchen exciting, refreshing and more importantly - pain-free." - Brenda Anderson

You can find more info about Robert, Brenda and the shop at their website HERE